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South Texas Amateur Repeater Society

Amateur Radio operators serving the needs of the Rio Grande Valley

STARS is an organization of ham radio operators dedicated to the mission of advancing and furnishing radio communications in the Rio Grande Valley.  STARS members furnish their time and the use of their sophisticated communications equipment solely as a public service . They are available to furnish communications during storms, hurricanes, special events and times of disasters often when other regular commercial communications systems are not available. This sterling record of public service has been recognized at the highest levels of both national and international government!

As you read this web page, I  invite you to acquaint yourself with the many resources that STARS furnishes To the general ham community.


 The STARS communications system includes many facets. Here is a brief listing of some of the equipment  available to the ham community:

 Currently STARS has about six VHF and three UHF repeaters on-line and operational.  STARS also has a vhf digipeater on 145.010.  STARS also has IRLP and ECHO LINK which is sponsored by K5RAV Dr. David Woolweaver.  All STARS equipment is state of the art, owned and/or operated by STARS.  STARS is able to make this equipment available to the general ham community  through your donations and membership dues.


STARLINK was commissioned in response to a request from a federal agency whom would like to see an effective communications system in place and operating along the entire American-Mexican border. STARS is currently obtaining equipment and installing it in a concentrated effort to implement this state of the art communications system.  Eventually,  this system  will stretch  along the border from the Gulf of Mexico to Laredo, Texas.  It will have the potential to tie into existing systems and ultimately could tie the Rio Grande Valley in to the West Coast of California!  At the present time STARLINK reaches from the Gulf of Mexico to Edinburg, TX


STARS is dedicated to the task of educating and adding young people to its membership.  The future of Amateur Radio and its ability to service the public sector in coming years is predicted on the infusion of new people to our ranks. STARS welcomes new members to our ranks and individuals in the organization are  happy to work with new members to train them so they can obtain their FCC licenses. Growth for the future is our watchword!




In short, the South Texas Amateur Repeater Society has a long and distinguished record of serving the public interest.  STARS solicits your support, cooperation and membership. STARS is writing a new and proud chapter in the history of Amateur Radio.  We invite any questions or suggestions you might have and we thank you for your time and interest.

Amateur radio operators play a variety of roles that allow public safety officials to maximize their resources, including facilitating communications; providing emergency managers with on-scene situational awareness; and helping manage large-scale events, such as severe weather and other situations like the Queen Isabella Bridge collapse of 2001. STARS provides repeaters and digipeaters to handle needed emergency communications here in the Rio Grande Valley.